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Well it's official....

Today I turned 40. I never imagined how a birthday would make me feel older, but this one certainly has.. I am sure I will get used to saying I am 40 rather then saying I am in my late 30's...
Wine gets better with age, my husband says women to do..(he'll be 57 this year)
Did anyone else feel weird when they turned 40?
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First of all -- Happy Birthday! Forty. Hmmm. I turned forty five years ago and I suppose at the time I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole venture -- but it didn't last. First of all, I know so many truly young, beautiful, vibrant, healthy and fun people over forty and fifty (both men and women); and second, there's a lot to be said about reaching an age where not a whole lot shocks and surprises you anymore, and where you know longer feel so compelled to live you life according to the dictates and opinions of others.
Enjoy it.

I felt weirder when I turned 30.

40 is comfortable to me with the exception of the hormones which I definatly feel
fluctuate much more.

Also its probably a little more difficult dealing with a teenager when you
are 40 going through your own body re-adjusting to a new decade.

The best thing about getting older, is that your more secure about who you are
and what you want and dont want.

You compromise less for things you dont agree with because your time
is valuable and more precious.

I honestly believe that we are all "girls" until we hit 40.

Then we finally become women, because we know more of what we want out of our lives.

The year I turned 40 I was going through a divorce. I thought, "what a double whammy - 40 and divorcing for the second time." I have the best friends though. They threw me a surprise party with the most ridiculous stripper ever (green undies and tube socks). I haven't looked back since. In fact, I prefer my 40s over my 20s. I am more confident, I know and like myself and my life has never been better.

I am remarried, I just delivered a brand new baby 4 months ago and everything is good. Think of 40 as a time of renewal. Enjoy! and look forward to your future. It gets better.